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In one photo, the rising star shared her delight that Ryan would be going through to the live shows, writing: "My boy is the wildcard @thexfactor. I love you." Ryan has also shown his support of his new girlfriend, and also tweeted his excitement when she made it to the live shows, writing: "OMFG YOU HAVE DONE IT! You both are great." Another wrote: "Aww, my heart cant take this!interested in is that special something that makes one person attractive to another – the magnetism that draws them to each other.We all know from countless surveys, reports and magazine articles that people usually fall in love with those who have a similar socio-economic and ethnic background, a similar education, similar intelligence levels and approximately the same level of attractiveness.But that doesn’t explain why, at a party where you’re surrounded by dozens of people who meet all those criteria, your eyes lock with one particular person across the room and your heart starts racing.

" "It’s nice to have someone who actually knows you in the house", Emily added. I'd be a little lost if I didn't have him." adventure, with 17-year-old Emily sharing several snaps of her boyfriend to support him during the Judges' Houses stage of the competition. I LOVE YOU." Fans of the singing competition were quick to praise the adorable romance, with one writing: "So happy that both of you made it to the live shows.

Is attraction to do with pheromones, the chemicals secreted by animals – including us – that attract members of the opposite sex?

Or is it about the layout of the face – does your beloved’s face fit the ‘golden ratio’?

Further repots claim that Josh's bad temper had also seen him lash out at his twin.

A source told The Mirror: "It was known throughout their camp that Josh had a big problem with anger – he would lose it with his fists if anyone spoke to him in a way he thought was disrespectful.

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