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Instead, you have the option to set up "active hours" -- a 10-hour time period during which your computer will not be restarted.The easiest way to prevent Windows 10 from automatically downloading updates is to use a metered Internet connection -- one of the features of limiting your data is that Windows 10 won't force-download OS updates.That's probably why Microsoft has -- controversially -- decided to make Windows 10 an automatically-updating OS.

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The only choice you'll get is whether you want to apply the new code right now or later. In all fairness, the problem isn't just security-stupid Windows users.

A small warning: Microsoft may be scrapping this ultra-convenient feature in the Windows 10 Anniversary Update.

In the latest Insider Preview build (Build 14342), you can no longer schedule restarts.

So, like it or lump it, if you're using Windows 10 Home, your system is going to be updated when Microsoft says it's time.

The Windows 10 Home EULA now reads: "You may obtain updates only from Microsoft or authorized sources, and Microsoft may need to update your system to provide you with those updates.

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