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The bottom line was, they had already cast someone when I got back, but he hadn’t signed a contract. I didn’t have any experience reading scripts; it’s not like reading a novel. It was funny and interesting, but it didn’t make sense on paper. He would start stuff, then when I took him serious, he’d run away.. Unfortunately, she got caught up in the Hollywood thing. While she was dating Prince, she had a song that did well, ‘Nasty Girl’: very provocative type of stuff. I was born to do it, whether there was a movie or not. I really enjoy different styles of martial arts; I enjoy growing in mind, body and soul. I co-wrote a story treatment for The Last Dragon sequel; it’s in the autobiography at the very end. They threw a 30th anniversary celebration of the film and all the fans showed up.

When I came back, I wooed them with a great audition and they fired him and hired me. Once I started rehearsing, it started to come together. He had an amiable personality, though; he wasn’t harsh or brash. The reason why I wrote the book is because I got turned off by Hollywood. I didn’t have a ‘business mind’, meaning I was man of colour at a time they didn’t hire people like me to star in movies or play a lead character that is a positive character. Then, there’s the stuff on the surface; the romance and humour layered in with the wonderful characters that came to life in the film. After they broke up, she wanted to clean up her image. It came down to her and another girl and I chose her. I started training with Marcelo Garcia, one of the top jiu-jitsu practitioners, some time ago. Demetrius Angelo does an independent film festival in New York that focuses on minorities and women.

JET: Are you more passionate about filmmaking or martial arts?

From acting to personal training, Taimak carved a path for himself that incorporated his love of performing and his martial arts expertise.

He was very hands-on with me because it was my first film. A good businessman would have known how to integrate me. Gordy was frustrated with Tri Star [because] they didn’t market The Last Dragon to a white audience. The story is unique; it’s not a film you take seriously [tell Anthony Kelly that! While I was rolling, I tore my hamstring and my labrum. I was watching the female soccer world cup and there was a girl playing who had suffered a horrible injury and was told she’d never play again — after two years of rehab therapy, instead of surgery, she got back.

In the US in 1985, the white audience was the biggest. Then, once cable networks started playing it religiously, the film developed a cult following. ] but the magic of film is that it’s very deep on another level, because Bruce Leroy had a problem believing that he was built for greatness.

Working with Denise Matthews, Julius Carry, Leo O’Brien and the rest of the cast…

JET: In 2011, you announced on the crowd funding site that you were working on bringing your screenplay to the big screen.

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