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The one where the longitude is the speed of light in meters/second 3. Overall I can see this one going either way, so I’m going to give it as (2 options) 5. The latitude 29.9792 N matches the speed of light exactly, but so would the latitudes 2.99792, 2.99792 S, and 29.9792 S.The one where the latitude is the speed of light in kilometers/hour 4. I checked these other sites at the same longitude as the Pyramid to see if there were any mysterious features.So just taking these two degrees of freedom, we have four lottery tickets: 1. I’m avoiding using feet/miles, because that’s even more arbitrary than meters. But the Sphinx is pretty impressive, and the ancient aliens folks talk about it just as much as the Pyramid, so I think that would be an equally good hit if it had been true. On the other hand, if these were Earth-based Atlanteans, they might have gotten the custom of dividing the circle into 360 parts for the same reason we did – there are about 360 days in a year.The one where the latitude is the speed of light in meters/second 2. But I think it would actually be even more convincing if the calculation actually used the real Egyptian unit, which I understand is the cubit. And if they were aliens, maybe we got our bizarre latitude convention from them – the idea of 360 degree circles is really old and lost in the mists of time.Here’s an obvious example; as far as I can tell, the longitude of the Great Pyramid doesn’t encode anything interesting at all.So it’s not the equivalent of winning a one-in-a-million lottery with a single ticket.

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The only numbers that are doing any work are the 29.9792° N.So you wouldn’t need aliens who could predict the thoughts of 1600s Frenchmen.Just aliens who thought exactly like 1600s Frenchmen.Their free career guide show you how to choose a career that's fulfilling and maximises your contribution to solving the world's most pressing problems.Jane Street is a quantitative trading firm with a focus on technology and collaborative problem solving.But there’s a way around this objection: the 1600s French people defined their meter as 1/10,000,000th the distance between the Equator and the North Pole.If the aliens also thought that was an interesting way to measure length, then they could have encoded their secret wisdom in it. A recent breakthrough in pseudoscience: the location of the Great Pyramid of Giza encodes the speed of light to seven decimal places. The speed of light in a vacuum is 299,792,458 meters per second.The coordinates of of the Great Pyramid are 29.9792458° N, 31.1342880° E (you can confirm with Google Maps that this gets you right on top of the Pyramid).It’s the equivalent of winning a one-in-a-million lottery with two tickets. I’m a little split on this one, because it wouldn’t look anywhere near as impressive if the pseudoscience sites had to explain that they found a really cool coincidence but it only worked if you converted normal latitude into a different hypothetical latitude system that had 100 degrees.A second issue: if the latitude of the Great Pyramid had been 10.7925 N, that would be the speed of light in kilometers per hour, which would be an equally impressive match. Like I said before, the other two pyramids at Giza are noticeably less impressive than the Great Pyramid. But since we know the aliens/Atlanteans use base 10 anyway (they’re encoding their wisdom in the base 10 representation of the speed of light) it makes more sense for them to use a base 10 latitude system instead of replicating our own bizarre custom of using base 10 for everything else but having latitude go from 0 to 90.

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