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The idea that unethical behavior can trigger positive affect is consistent with many anecdotal accounts of dishonesty, theft, and fraud.These accounts include wealthy individuals who delight in shoplifting affordable goods, joy-riders who steal cars for the thrill and fraudsters who revel in their misdeeds.So is it reasonable to officially extend these findings to infidelity? In reality, much more research is needed on the topic.Anecdotally speaking, however, I can tell you that this cheater's high is very much a part of serial sexual infidelity for a lot of people.

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For half of the real participants, the actor/grader inflated the puzzle-solver's score, thereby increasing that person's financial payout.Researchers could see who used the correct answer button (who cheated), and they found that 68 percent of the people who had that option took it.Thus we see that about two-thirds of people will cheat, as long as there is no perceived victim.One user said, "It's really shocking to see how far he's fallen and that he's resorting to this to make money.love tattoo Maybe if he'd put as much effort into his sport he wouldn't be in this situation." Meanwhile, another added, "I knew it was his wife but I didn't expect to see him get involved as well."This story has not been edited by our staff and is taken from a authenticated official feed. Alice Goodwin Former Premier League star Jermaine Pennant, 35, has faced flak for starring in web sex shows with wife Alice Goodwin, 32.The footballer, who played for seventh tier outfit Billericay Town, quit the side just a few hours after the web show revelation, reported British tabloid, The Sun on Saturday.And nearly always part of this justification is the fact that , which is a key element in the cheater's high described above.That said, the "cheater's high" study did not focus on relationship infidelity or even things like outright stealing.The researchers, led by Nicole Ruedy at the University of Washington, conducted six trials examining multiple aspects of "victimless" unethical behavior and its emotional effects.They found that although people predict they will feel bad after engaging in unethical behavior, they often do not, and, in fact, many actually experience an increase in feelings of excitement and arousal.

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