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READ: Guide to downtown Miami’s best bars Actually, they aren’t ditching the drinks or the DJs: The night will include music by DJ Patrick Walsh and specialty cocktails from Mac’s Pub, a mobile bar catering service.

The team at the Arts and Entertainment District is offering the latter to Miami on Saturday from 8 p.m. on the patio at CANVAS, luxury condos at 90 NE 17th Street.

The people are not always even human, at times taking the form of a dragon, a donkey or cactus.

They seem to be enjoying their time together, though that’s mostly thanks to them poking fun at the various bugs and visual glitches they’re confronted with. Well I won’t spoil it for those that are able to bear the awfulness until the very end.READ: These folks brought an entire pig farm to SOBEWFF — sort of.Nir Shoshani, the owner of several buildings in the A E District, said the emerging neighborhood welcomes virtual reality as a way to connect people.It is now incorporated in medicine, professional training, education and therapy.The VR headset allows users to be transported to a different universe — whether it mirrors reality or creates fantasy — and typically allow for a full body experience.Posted by LOFT VR Arcade & Next Gen Studio on Tuesday, February 14, 2017 Loft VR, a virtual reality arcade in Wynwood, is providing the technology and helping set up the stations in the A E District.The use of virtual reality has expanded beyond gaming.On Wednesday, Condé Nast Entertainment is releasing the first episode of a VR dating show called Virtually Dating, a series that pairs up real people on blind dates in VR to see if their VR personalities make for a real-life match.The five-episode series, which debuts Wednesday at a.m., will be available on Facebook’s new Watch platform, which will soon be home to dozens of original shows created by media companies and other content creators.In the first episode, a man and a woman meet in VR outer space.A future episode features a postapocalyptic world with zombies (no word yet on whether they make for a good wingman or woman), while yet another shows a couple traveling to the ancient world.

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