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While the experience helped her fill in gaps in her family's Tennessee and New York family tree, Williams said her travels to Africa inspired her to dig deeper.

"I remember the first time I visited South Africa, I saw different tribes and different features.

That was an amazing discovery to actually see him in his Union uniform with the American flag draped over his knee.

or whatever." Williams jumped at the opportunity to try out genealogy website's DNA test -- a mail-order tube-and-swab kit priced from 0 to 0 that the company says offers customers detailed results in six to eight weeks.

Dozens of other commercial labs offer similar testing, with prices from 0 to 0.

I’ve been to Kenya as well and it’s one of those unfortunate things as African Americans, knowing that you don’t have a clear association with any tribe," she said.

"You know that it’s the west coast obviously, because of the slave trade, [but] you’re envious of other family histories that can say we’re 100 percent Polish ...

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