Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights

In case of Windows XP you must have Service Pack 2, Vista must be updated with SP2 and all updates and patches after that from Windows Update. Fortunately restoring the Default values was enough and uninstalling not necessary. Download and install the AMD Dual-Core Optimizer Utility.

Windows 7 knows a lot of performance updates and compatibility fixes all culminated in SP1. It can be found at the following link: Details.aspx?

(Windows Vista / 7): to see which updates you have/don't have yet, Control Panel -Windows together with all the applications you installed, needs 15% free space to function properly in the first place. List ID=c5cd2c08-1432-4756-aafa-4d9dc646342f&Item ID=153 (Athlon™ 64 X2 Dual Core)If you are still having a problem after running the Optimizer Utility, try installing the latest AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core Processor Drivers available for Windows XP.

At LOWEST settings the Mainpage takes 600 MBDM-RAM-usage-lowest-1024x768_01. If you're lucky you manage to get the mouse on the message to stop it.

But again: in a less than ideal situation, Windows and the game(s) will function too, but you'll have to defragment much ofter. Oh and again: if you use a software firewall make sure that Windows firewall is disabled. If you have a router with inbuilt hardware firewall, you don't need any software firewall.

Don't use the Windows inbuilt defragger, because that takes much too long. If you have Nero installed with all related software with it, try uninstalling all and delete any remains of Ahead software from the Registry.

Loaded level takes 750 MBDM-RAM-usage-lowest-1024x768_02. In flyover cutscene increasing a little to 768 MBDM-RAM-usage-lowest-1024x768_03. Otherwise, you need Task Manager (Ctrl Alt Del), sometimes twice, to end and get the desktop back.

Gaming at same spot stays at about 750 MBDM-RAM-usage-lowest-1024x768_04. Every time it creates a minidump file (about 66 k B) in the game's directory. In the time of discussion, many people (including myself) were still using a CRT monitor (@85 Hz), and then Windows dropping the refresh rate to 60 Hz was problematic. But under certain user settings blocked the game from running, apparently.

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