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The Today Screen still provides quick access to email, calendar, voice mail, text messages, and more.Presumably, it will also continue to support plug-ins and widgets from third party software to displays program-specific information.There's no way around the fact that Windows Mobile 6.5 is a stopgap measure.

Microsoft provides users with 200MB of storage free of charge with My Phone. Users will still be able to download and install software with a PC.Now you can have the visibility and power to increase productivity across the entire job.Pocket 3D is all about boosting job site productivity.Along with an updated Today Screen, Windows Mobile 6.5 has a new Program menu which replaces the traditional drop-down Start Menu, organizing program icons on a full screen.These icons were once housed in hexagon-shaped containers (seen left) which could be moved around the screen based on the user's preference.Like most of the updates to Windows Mobile 6.5, the new Today Screen has a finger-friendly design with large active-touch areas which make finger selections easier and more natural.As you will see, this focus on touch navigation largely defines WM6.5.The lines of the honeycomb were removed before the final release, but the icon layout remains.As you can see in the screenshot, this new design allows programs to be selected with a finger more easily than was the case in earlier and current versions of Windows Mobile.Windows Mobile 7 begins shipping on new handheld devices, Microsoft has released a second revision of Windows Mobile 6: Windows Mobile 6.5.This release features some significant changes over WM6.0 and 6.1 with greater emphasis on touch control, Cloud-based service integration and general UI attractiveness.

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