Updating our tom tom

The room-scale can be rotated using the thumb controls on the motion controller or by using the alternate rotation mode described above.

Using the trigger controls you can grab and move the simulated boxes on the table.

This feature makes shadow receiving on dynamic objects much cheaper at the cost of some quality.

It doesn’t work for all scenarios, but is worth playing around with for your dynamic objects for potentially great performance gains.

To get started, simply download Unreal Engine 4.13 through the Epic Games launcher and create a new project using the Project Wizard.

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Unlike the traditional templates shipped with the engine, this includes two maps!For additional help on getting started I recommend reading up on my VR Guide for Unreal Engine 4.To check the template input mapping you can simply open up Many of you may be looking to integrate some of the template features into your own existing project.I’ve list some potential issues and most important files to migrate.Using UE4’s Built-in Migrate Content feature you can easily move over content and dependencies into your own project.You can right-click the Pawn Blueprint of the teleportation type you wish to use in your own project and selecting Asset Actions Migrate.The motion controller based locomotion requires a Navigation Mesh to filter for valid teleport destinations.The differences and features of each implementation are detailed below.Map: A simple teleport locomotion where you can use the Gamepad or keyboard to initiate a move.It supports Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and Play Station VR out of the box.Other platforms such as Gear VR are not officially supported, but with some changes to the project settings (following Android/Gear VR Documentation) you can get this template running on your Gear VR device.

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