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Can I download/install i Tunes 10 onto my G4 and will it run without turning my system into a pig in treacle?Your i Book G4 can not run Snow Leopard, because of Power PC G4 chip inside. You can get i Tunes 10 to work on your computer, just upgrade to Mac OS X 10.5 (e Bay or so... You can find the package for The file contains 2 packages, X11and X11I think you need to install the X11first, however if you have the dev tools installed it's probably already there. Note: There has been some question as to whether or not I am allowed to host and distribute this binary copy of X11 from Apple.If you have a laptop or i Mac, you can't change the CPU, nor can a computer tech.The only model where the processor is upgradable (to a point) is the Mac Pro, which I highly doubt you have.I have just upgraded to unlimited and updated my spotify and it now says it doesnt work!I need to get this sorted as I have just joined a band and we have a gig soon and the setlist is a playlist on spotify!

Some of the applications on it may not run because they were not written for the Intel processor which you have in your new machine.

So, I have an old i Book G4 running OS X 10.4.11 (It was a gift for Christmas.) and when I went to download some of my i Tunes purchases to my computer, I got this (Basically, it didn't say "What's New in i Tunes 10.3", just "What's New in i Tunes"): (Sorry, forgot this first time around : P) I was reading over this and it looks like Snow Leopard can be installed on my system (can anyone confirm this and what would be the pros/cons of it) and that i Tunes would work on that.

However, unless it is something that will improve performance or the like, I really don't want to have to pay for the upgrade disks.

Below are a couple links to the amazon product pages for OSX Leopard.

If you buy Leopard through one of these links then I get a small amount of money through the Amazon Associates program.

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