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Firstly, let me say that, while I have a version of Ubuntu running on the T100, the process is not simple, nor is it completely successful. screen rotation) are not yet working, and a number of other items (e.g. One specific problem that I (and others) have encountered is a long series of timeout errors on disk access when installing Ubuntu.If this is a problem for you, if you persevere, the errors will eventually resolve themselves, and the installation will complete.The disk timeout errors that plague the process described here can be overcome by updating the linux kernel once Ubuntu has been installed. (See: Establishing Wi-Fi connectivity on the T100).

(3) Now, we need to establish some unallocated space on the T100’s hard drive in which we can install Ubuntu.Since I know next to nothing about the technical details necessary to do things like build ISO files, and select boot loader files, the following is a compilation of step-by-step instructions gleaned from the information provided by these three individuals, and supplemented by other web-based sources.My rationale in providing yet another installation guide is that I encountered some difficulties in following the multiple instructions, in multiple documents, to the letter, and I wanted a single, comprehensive guide that would lead to a successful installation.My intention is that I will use these instructions to install future versions of Linux, and the add-on tweaks that various individuals are providing on almost a daily basis.My ultimate goal is to have a stable, dual-boot system (Windows 8.1/Linux) running on my T100.(2) The next thing to do is to update the T100’s BIOS to the latest version posted on the Asus support web site.Make sure that you obtain the correct BIOS update file for your model of T100.In consequence, the following installation sequence relies on the use of a USB wireless adapter to download and install grub-efi-ia32 (see Step 8).The installation instructions have been modified (and simplified) accordingly. Similarly, access to the Internet can be established using the T100’s wireless card once Ubuntu has been installed.If you have the 32 GB version, I leave it to you to find the required space to install Linux.Hint – if you really feel brave, you could delete the restore partition(s) and use that space.

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