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Either way, though, it’s good to know Because you’ll glide longer distances (spending more time in your boots) while ski touring in the backcountry, put comfort first.Get a boot with a snug fit, but with enough room for your preferred socks (i.e.All cross-country style skis have bindings that allow the heel to move freely while the ball of the foot is fixed to the ski, but the two different skiing styles—ski touring and skate skiing—require slightly different skis and boots.Invest in your own if you’ll be going out often, or rent from any ski area with cross-country trails.

Formerly the day city editor of the nation’s largest afternoon newspaper and executive producer of Good Morning America, the CBS Morning News and Entertainment Tonight, Merlis conducts all our workshops.

We want to create opportunities and bring delicious food to New York City and we need your help!

When I first left Mexico and came to America 20 years ago, I never imagined trying to create a good life for my family would be almost impossible—and punishable by law.

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I have to admit, at first, I was skeptical, but the more I started meeting cool people, the more I started to think this was definitely the way to go.

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  1. Drugs and June Carter, Vivian Cash writes in her new book, ruined her marriage to music icon Johnny Cash — and Carter, others told her, was the more relentless of the two threats.