Unhandled exception updating

In Moon-APNS I’m using free and open source NLog library to log all events happening behind the scene which makes it really easy to debug the application while you are on production and you can’t attach a debugger.

Sending Apple push notification has never been so easy with Moon-APNS you will need less than 10 lines of code to send push notification and receive the feedback.

Ok enough talking I think it’s time for some coding. So if we ignore lines for generating payloads I can say we are sending push notification ad receiving feedback in 2 lines of code.

1) You should generate your payloads: 3) create an instance of Moon-APNS push notification class, and pass true or false for using sandbox, location of your p12 file, and password for thep12 file if you have one and blank string if you don’t have one. Everything you need to do is handled by Moon-APNS library for you so you can have more time to consider on your application logic.

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The client software is a simple piece of software that is installed on some key workstations around the office.

A new feature of Centricity 10.0 is the ability to run DTS as a service rather than a stand-alone process.

Due to this, we were able to move the DTS service from a dedicated computer to a virtual machine.

Feel free to email me or post your questions as a comment and I’ll be more than happy to assist you as much as I can.

This is the first version and I will commit new builds with new features soon.

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