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As for all other multi-cultural couples out there, the biggest advantage is that you get to experience a new culture, completely different to your own!Korean guys usually aren’t as the ones portayed in Korean dramas but still they are very romantic.When dating a Korean man, you can always enjoy the deliciousness of Korean cousine home-made!Even if your boyfriend/spouse isn’t a master chef, he probably knows how to cook the basics!He cooked me breakfast and Korean dinner every time I stayed at his place. I have hesitated to write this post, as it’s quite personal and I don’t want to offend anyone as I do try to be sensitive to the cultural norms of the country that I am living in.It’s called the ‘Korean Freeze’ and it’s very real, for both men and women. Coming from the West, I feel like we drag the end stages of dating out like a dead horse (at least I do.) I never know when to just own up and stop communicating, and the Korean style of just complete cut-off from communication has definite benefits. In addition to the texting, Korean guys start asking you ‘what this means’ after like, the second date.

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This post certainly doesn’t apply to all Korean men, and I did find that I had vastly different experiences when dating men who had experience living in another country besides Korea and who were completely fluent in English.My other friend was riding the subway and had a guy lean over and touch her tooth (her tooth! ♥Korean guys are super sweet when they first start dating you. To the point of it almost being slightly annoying for someone like me, who is not clingy and has shit to do.They text you 24/7, constantly wanting to know what you are doing, how you are feeling,.I showed his picture to one of my friends at a bar, and she proceeded to tell me that they had hooked up and he had immediately disappeared. I have Western girlfriends who are happily dating Korean guys (and marrying them), and on the opposite end of the spectrum, girlfriends who have had similarly bad experiences.She then showed me all of his numerous social media accounts that he uses to sleep with girls. One of my girlfriends had a guy come up to her at the bar and request “Sex, please.” One of my girlfriends had to hide out in a convenience store, as a guy had followed her from the subway and she was too scared to go home.I think that some of Korean mens’ opinions and views on Western women can be a different from our cultural expectations and what we are used to, and that can lend itself to unfortunate situations.Recently, I had been dating a Korean guy who I quite liked.I have some lovely Korean friends who have told me I’ve just had bad luck, and that could be true.I wouldn’t take back any of these dates or experiences as they have helped me grow, but I sure as hell wouldn’t repeat them.But who doesn’t love a well-dressed man who takes care of his appearance?Sure, I’m sometimes puzzled about how he can manage to take more time in the bathroom than me but, hey, at least he doesn’t look sloppy!

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