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The more the Panic Monster slept, the more confidence the monkey gained.The Rational Decision-Maker, the only member of the brain who sees the world clearly, was concerned—he knew that college assignments were a lot bigger than high school assignments, and that pacing was no longer something to scoff at, but a critical thing to do.There was definitely an Instant Gratification Monkey1 in my head, but he was cute more than anything.With deadlines looming constantly, my Panic Monster2 was never fully asleep, and the monkey knew that while he could have some time at the wheel each day, he wasn’t the one in charge.It didn’t matter how obvious a decision seemed to the RDM, it was becoming clear that he was totally unable to control the monkey without the Panic Monster’s help.

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As a Government major, most of my classes involved a couple papers, a midterm, and a final exam over a four-month stretch, which means most of the time, there were no hard deadlines anywhere on the horizon.

I was doing a lot of things and not giving my all to any of them.

It was around then that my best friend Andrew moved to LA. He lives and breathes business, with no interest in pursuing anything in the arts, and ever since I met him when we were five, his monkey has been a tame little bitch who does what he’s told.

He’d put his foot down about social commitments when a deadline began to draw closer, but that wouldn’t solve the problem.

The RDM would slip further into despair, and only the times when things reached their most dire would anything change.

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