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Before the abolition of Cheshire County Council on 1 April 2009, Congleton was a county borough.The neighbouring village of Buglawton was incorporated into Congleton borough in 1936.Many mills survive as industrial or residential units.

A plaque on Bradshaw House in Lawton Street commemorates him.The town is mentioned in the Domesday Book, The river was diverted and the town rebuilt on higher ground.During the Civil War, former mayor and lawyer, John Bradshaw, became president of the court which sent Charles I to his execution in 1649.When tariffs were removed in the 1860s, the empty mills were converted to fustian cutting.A limited silk ribbon weaving industry survived into the 20th century, and woven labels were still produced in the 1990s.The chorus of 20th-century folk song "Congleton Bear", The Old Mill and the town corn mill photographed in 1902, the mill became unstable and Roldane Mill was built on the site in 1923.The mill was demolished in 2003, and sheltered housing is being built here. The town's prosperity depended on tariffs imposed on imported silk.The town used money it had saved to buy a bible and it replenished the fund with the income from the increased number of spectators.It became legend that Congleton sold its bible to pay for a new bear.The element Congle could relate to the old Norse kang meaning a bend followed by the element the Old English tun meaning settlement.Congleton was once thought to have been a Roman settlement, although there is no archaeological or documentary evidence to support this.

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  1. I personally have no qualms dating a person with physical limitions . They are human with feelings the same as anyone else. Sure I will bait your hook , want to take a drive around town and you cannot drive.. Your helment is hot because you have to wear it all the time .. I had been with a woman that couldn't walk on her own. I am fit and healthy ( 26 mile Marathon ) all my other bits work (2 kids as proof ) but as soon as you start chatting with someone on POF and you drop the "Disability" bomb on them, its "ok I gotta go take care"It's all bloody relative.

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