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So, when his wife Cate (Katey Sagal) returns to work as a full-time nurse, Paul decides to quit his job, begin running the household, and to start to “take care of the kids.” The problem is that they aren’t still the adorable little children that he remembers; they’re a trio of independent teenagers — beautiful and popular Bridget (Kelly Cuoco); sarcastic middle child Kerry (Amy Davidson); and Rory (Martin Spanjers), the scheming and smart-alecky younger brother.

Feeling overwhelmed and missing his days as a sports columnist, Paul begins writing a column from home about his struggles as a stay-at-home parent and to offer advice to others who are experiencing the same challenges.

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"Cameron's take on the angst felt by every father of a teenage daughter is witty, wise, and excruciatingly on the money" (Charles Shyer, writer and director, Father of the Bride I and II).

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She has a core sister, Rachael Nicole Mansourwho is a few of Kerry.

Sting Kleinfeld, meant by Daniella Monet —is Love's love interest in addition two.

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