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Some years later they met at a shop in Beverly Hills as she was browsing photographic books about Africa, thereby establishing a mutual interest.By the time she met him for the third time, at a cocktail party during a tennis tournament in which Powers was playing, the die was cast.After another drinkfuelled incident she and two friends finally persuaded him to join Alcoholics Anonymous.Holden had been in rehab many times but AA was a completely different ball game.Little did she know that she had a tiger by the tail. He had begun drinking as a young actor, through insecurity and doubt that beset many in the business.It didn’t dawn on her that there might be a problem until she arrived at Palm Springs to reunite with Holden after their first week together and he wasn’t at the airport to meet her.In 1954, while filming Sabrina, Holden and Audrey Hepburn became romantically involved.Having hoped to marry him and have children Hepburn broke off the relationship when Holden revealed that he’d had a vasectomy.

“I saw Bill standing next to his Mercedes-Benz with a motorcycle cop talking to him.She was a real woman from her russet head to her toes. The reason for writing the book, she insists, is to set the record straight about their decade-long love affair.“I thought all that has ever been written about Bill is going to remain the standard by which everybody judges him,” she explains. But in that terse one line lies the entire history of actor/director relationships. His last female companion was the love of his life and an impressive woman in her own right: Stefanie Powers. Once the golden boy of Hollywood he spent his final years on a ranch in Kenya, conserving African species under threat and drinking himself to death.Like many actors of her generation who began young in the business Powers was intimidated by those who had received a more thorough education and she became a voracious reader and an exemplar of self-teaching.She was also a self-confessed tomboy, an adventurer and a loner and all these elements came into play when she met the defining love of her life William Holden.For a while it worked and he and Powers continued to travel around the world investing in properties and pursuing their mutual dream of setting up a game conservation ranch which had begun with the Mount Kenya Safari Club, a former hotel purchased by Holden. One day when Holden shot an antelope and looked down at the long, slender neck and large eyes of the dead creature he said: “Oh my God.I’ve just shot Audrey Hepburn.” This was more significant than Powers may have realised at the time.“Maybe I should write down the truth, the truth about our relationship and the truth about him as I saw it and put him in the light, not the light of a knight in shining armour but in the light of what the real man was.” Stefanie Zofya Paul was born on November 2, 1942, in Hollywood.Her parents divorced during her childhood and her Polish-American mother Julia Golen remained close to her until her death in 2009.

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