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He reports his own men for illegal drug use in Thailand and blames the fallout when he is not given a SEAL unit to command.

He volunteers for a final deployment with Marines in Iraq instead.

National media turn to him regularly to interpret SEAL behavior. When CNN’s Zoraida Sambolin asks about a SEAL raid in Somalia, he offers the dramatic revelation that “planning for this kind of contingency, Zoraida, would have been happening for months…

Steve Culbertson, CEO of Youth Service America, gives me his version. Culbertson worries aloud about veterans returning with disabilities—they’ve had such extraordinary experiences, and what will they do now? The two men move from bed to bed, listening as wounded soldiers tell them they want to go back to their units.

Two weeks before he is scheduled to come home from his fourth and last deployment, a suicide truck packed with chlorine explodes outside his barracks.

The chlorine exposure qualifies him for disability, but he turns it down and jogs until his lungs stop aching.

Spartan even in his teens, he shunned alcohol and bounded out of bed early in the morning.

“He’s known for a long time that he wants to do something really special,” Moore explains, “and like a lot of people who do great things, he’s ultracompetitive.” What better proof of courage and character could he offer, years later, than a SEAL trident? ” Unfazed, Greitens criticizes some higher-ups for fostering the wrong culture, writing that “an inordinately large portion [of class time] is spent listening to stories of sex and drinking.” (At university, he criticized relief agency administrators just as freely, for failing to help children.) This self-assured candor further sets him apart, and enough officers welcome it that he acquires an aura of promise.

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