Shounen ai dating game

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, lovesick high school girls and their hormones are revving up to fight tooth and nail for their desired V-Day Ball date in a ruthless battle royale-esque precursor competition known as The Valentine's Rumble.

Gohan lands number one on their “Most Wanted” list but unfortunately for him, this is one battle where being the strongest in the galaxy is moot.

If you love Sasu Naru or Naru Sasu and yaoi then this community is the place for you.

They both end up on a flying ship called Icha Icha Paradise : - Sasunaru and some Narusasu, many other pairings .

He's seventeen now, among mortals he'd totally be an adult!

Naruto, who makes it kinda hard for him to hide it since he's a geek too... Stupid Uchiha's and their chronological love disorders. Slight shonen-ai Sasuke/Naruto, established Sasuke/Sakura & Naruto/Hinata. Ebbene sì, voglio togliermi la voglia di scrivere su questo meraviglioso crack-pairing, che per me poi tanto crack-pairing non è!La raccolta parte dal presupposto che i due ragazzi stiano già insieme. That was the case for Naruto until he met an attractive, wealthy, arrogant bastard of a man named Sasuke, who turned his world upside down. And now Jack, like nearly everyone else on this island, believes Hiccup and Merida are a thing. One way to induce temporary to permanent impotence would be to see your boyfriend and best friend fucking after coming home from visiting your mom in the hospital who’s dying of cancer.Halb-Vampir Teito Klein, ein Vampir und Kopfgeldjäger auch bekannt als Mikhail, hat jahrelang alleine gearbeitet und immer versucht, ein einfaches Leben ohne unnötigen Schnickschnack zu führen.Die Dinge beginnen sich zu ändern, als er zum ersten mal einen blonden Mann in der Stadt sieht. Amid Aizen's attempt to revive an ancient weapon in the desert ruins, Ichigo is kidnapped by Grimmjow-who intends to break and kill him.Can his guardian demon-slash-boyfriend save him from this without exposing their secret relationship to the whole world?IDK MAN I WAS JUST EMOTIONAL WHEN THIS WAS WRITTEN IM NOT EVEN A WRITER But was I was *trying* to go for is that Jimin is in love with Jungkook (who is not really oblivious but is straight ;-; srry Jiminnie) but Suga is in love with Jimin. ) a depressed, socially anxious smol child that needs a bit of Jimin's happy virus to get him through the day.What I had in my mind was that Jimin would ask Suga to help him write a song and they fall in love (sort of? Angst when Jimin tries to get Yoongi to get better and fluff.I wanted to make it kinda realistic so BTS still famous and stuff but its set somewhere before current time (cuz I'm convinced yoonseok is real atm LOL jk but yes).

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