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The holiday is truly a day for lovers, not for those pining for love. The ways Tanzanians celebrate it sound very familiar to those in the developed world—couples go out to dinner and drinks.In fact, one organization that focuses on HIV prevention programming is running an Instagram contest for couples that post a photo displaying their love and commitment to each other (in an attempt to encourage fidelity and reduce sexual networks).

My questions to Tanzanians invariably led to them asking me about how Americans celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Michelle Kaufman is a researcher that focuses on sexual behavior in the developing world.

She globetrots regularly, engaging in ethnographic work along the way in order to inform the quantitative and qualitative research she conducts.

This equates to an estimated HIV prevalence of 4.7%1 In the same year, 55,000 people were newly infected with HIV, and 33,000 people died from an AIDS-related illness.2 Between 20, the number of new infections declined by more than 20%.

Despite the numbers, Tanzania has done well to control the HIV epidemic over the last decade.

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