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They include both single lens gasketed combat goggle styles as well as gasketed combat sunglasses.Some sunglass models have automatic light-adjusting lenses that darken in the sun and lighten up in the shade, night or indoors.The following list of products are not a complete list of available products, but represent a broad cross-section of products that provide full MIL PRF protection from shrapnel caused by IED or RPGs.These products are also used extensively by combat personnel in the Middle East during the non-dust storm season.There are a large number of combat support and support functions in the Middle East that do not see combat as a daily routine.As such, spending money for gasketed combat eyewear is certainly not necessary, but full MIL PRF shrapnel protection is of the utmost need.But, these represent what appear to be the most popular selections.Most all are ANSI rated for high velocity impact protection and some have removable gaskets as well as interchangeable lenses.

Body Specs Pistols Combat Sunglasses Romer II Navy Seal Combat Sunglasses Wiley X PT-1 Combat Sunglasses Wiley X PT-3 Combat Sunglasses Wiley X B-2 Combat Sunglasses Wiley X Sabre Combat Sunglasses Now the selection is wide open. S., work in a non-combat environment in support functions in Kuwait or Qatar you need simple eye protection. Having another pair of inexpensive eyewear to keep things like shell casings from hitting you in the eye, a lot of combat personnel keep a pair of U. duty/training sunglasses, or even off-duty sunglasses around for non-combat environments.

If you find yourself in an environment where wind and dust is just not an issue, there is another level of eyewear that is very popular not only in the Middle East but also for U. based military personnel and law enforcement in the U. They are single lens shield style wrap-around non-gasketed combat sunglasses.

Personnel who would use this type of eyewear want, or in some cases absolutely need, maximum ballistic protection, but are not routinely exposed to dusty and windy environments.

The following are a partial list of eyewear that not only meet rigid military ballistic shrapnel protection standards, they also have gaskets, are vented to minimize fogging and depending on the model, may be convertible from gasketed to non-gasketed regular sunglasses.

This list is not inclusive of all models available, but they do represent the most popular styles used by military personnel in the Middle East.

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