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Bathe has had guest starring roles in a number of television shows, include ER, Half & Half, Girlfriends, Brothers & Sisters, and How I Met Your Mother.

She had main roles in the independent films All About Us and April Moon.

This is the stuff that relationship goals are made of. Brown and wife Ryan Michelle Bathe adorably gushed over their epic real-life romance on the SAG Awards red carpet on Sunday -- and looked fabulous while doing it!

"We need to actually put pen to paper and get it produced because people wouldn't believe it," the star told ET's Nancy O'Dell about the couple's relationship.

My husband is prepared for every eventuality."After hearing Bathe's response, Brown replied, "That's my wife!

" When it comes to their relationship, this couple isn't afraid to talk about the ups and downs.

News' Giuliana Rancic asked Bathe if her husband had prepared a speech in case he won that evening.

News' Giuliana Rancic caught up with 2017 Emmy nominee Sterling K.

Ryan can be seen in throwback scenes of the Pearson family, first appearing in the episode "The Pool." She plays Yvette, the mother of young Randall's neighborhood playmate who strikes up a friendship with Jack (Milo Ventimiglia) and Rebecca (Mandy Moore).

Ryan also pops up in the episodes "Career Days" and "The Trip." While she and Sterling didn't exactly star together in any scenes, we can imagine it's great to have your other half on the job with you.

Brown Reveals the Moment He Felt 'Accepted' in Hollywood The pair, both 40, wed in 2007, but, believe it or not, their love story actually began at birth."We went to undergrad together, we went to grad school together, we were born in St. ""We were just fiance-ed," Brown joked."Anyway, the point is, I took my manager at the time and he has yet to forgive me," she continued.

Louis, Missouri, and even more impressive, we were born in the same hospital," Brown said. "Brown is nominated twice at Sunday's Screen Actors Guild Awards, for his work in both ."I got an invitation and my plus one -- I took my manager at the time, much to my husband's chagrin," she said after much prodding from Brown. "She's no longer my manager, she's still a lovely person, but she's no longer my manager and I just thought -- look, y'all, I was trying to get on another show, OK?

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