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So in short I would already have done 2 mods for my GL minor even if I hadn’t taken a single core GL mod. I might have a slight advantage in GL due to having done a little PS and 2.It would be interesting to see things from a larger picture – not just studying the State.The first half of the module covers theoretical concepts – Cultural Relativism vs Moral Universalism, concepts of Globalization, Global Governance and Government, substantive values like Human Rights and procedural values like Democratic and Legitimacy.These concepts are then reified in the second half of the course where norm cascades, human security, just war theory, refugeehood, development, loan conditionality and climate change/global health are all situations where one can apply or deconstruct what concepts were taught. One should note that Prof Smith doesn’t believe in using slides – he teaches everything through simply lecturing and occasionally drawing on a white board. One is assessed as follows: The workload for this module is fairly light – readings consist of two long readings to three medium length readings every week, and tutorial readings are extremely short as well.I did enjoy the consultations I had with him even though most of them weren’t specifically about the course material, because it’s fascinating to have someone to talk and discuss these bigger questions about and have them show where one might have made a mistake or so.Indeed, I plan to visit him more frequently in the future to continue discussions about tyranny of the majority or CAP even when I’m not taking his module in the future ^^ Having said that, I’m not sure how much of my positive experience was due to the course instructor instead of the material so I’ll talk a bit more about what was covered.To explain more, one needs to usually do 6 mods from a particular major to get a minor, and this is certainly the case for GL.

Compare Ambiguously Bi, where things are more, well, ambiguous.

For those wondering about double counting, that just means I can free up those two U/E mods for other mods I find interesting, effectively getting a minor for doing four core mods from GL.

Doesn’t sound too bad and it’s not like there are other mods I particularly want to use for U/E’s (since I’d prefer to study within a structure), so I took it along with GL2102 this sem.

To conclude, a good module to take if you like asking big questions relating to world issues and being challenged to form your own opinion on them.

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