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Jason, who attends occupational therapy, is confined to a wheelchair, is physically deformed, and is unable to speak.Instead, he uses a book of word cards, pointing to cards in sequence to communicate.In the case that we inevitably need to use images from an outside source rather than our safe internal database, only use official photos from the relevant source’s official site 3.When using images from an outside source, the first three steps must be cross-checked, and written authorization from the final decision maker must be obtained before using the image 4., a Korean online community typically known to post offensive and hateful content about politics and social minorities such as women.Some of the images used in various SBS programs were revealed to have been taken from “To the SBS Media Group family!Catherine, who loves drawing, draws a few word cards for Jason to put in his book, and this begins their friendship.Soon, she is drawing many cards for him, each with personally meaningful words or phrases.

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Catherine's day-to-day life during one summer vacation is usually occupied by caring for David and trying her best to keep him out of trouble.

Employees who violate rules 1-3 will be apportioned great responsibility, and will receive heavy punishment.

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Kristi sees a portrait Catherine drew of Jason in her sketchbook and asks Catherine to invite him as her date.

Catherine cannot bring herself to confess that Jason is handicapped, as she fears it might jeopardize her friendship with Kristi.

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