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Facebook has no problem finding ways to circumvent its users privacy when it means more ad revenue. I’m sorry, the company doesn’t have a problem with most criminals.

Murderers, scam artists, bank robbers — according to Facebook’s Statement of Rights and Responsibilities, you guys are chill.

For the purpose of this requirement, an online identifier means: Any electronic email address information and/or instant message, chat, social networking or other similar internet communication name, but DOES NOT include your social security number, date of birth or PIN number.

This includes the name(s) of any website or internet communication service where the identifier is being used or intends to be used. The registrant must confirm the identifier each year and must notify the Sheriff’s Office in person OR electronically of all changes.

It might have made a good deterrent for potential sex criminals: “Think twice before you commit that crime.

If you get convicted, not only will you never be able to live near a park, school, or in pretty much any urban area, you will also never be able to go on the internet EVER AGAIN.” What actually makes me the most angry is Facebook’s official response to the ruling: A spokesman for Facebook had this to say: “We take the safety and security of our users, especially the many young people on Facebook, very seriously.

I’m not saying there are no potential issues or concerns with sex offenders on social media sites.

Unfortunately, though, some myths might persist well into adulthood, affecting the way we relate to our sexual lives. " "Oh, and maybe put your sex life on the back-burner if you want to wow your colleagues at next month's sports event." Do these phrases sound familiar?

But you can’t punish sex offenders for the rest of their lives, once they’ve paid their debt to society. It’s why Judge Jackson said the courts “have no jurisdiction over an offender who has completed a prison sentence and post-prison supervision.” Not to mention, not all sex offenders look like Herbert from Family Guy.

A modern American “sex offender” might be a 17-year-old boy who took a naked cell phone photograph of his 17-year-old girlfriend.

This applies to all registants regardless of whether they were required to register their online identifier at the time of their initial registration.

A violation of this requirement is a Class 4 Felony.

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