Reasons for invalidating a patent

When specifically discussing authentication values based on symmetric secret key codes we use the terms authenticators or authentication codes.

XML Signatures can be applied to any digital content (data object), including XML.Such an application must specify additional key, algorithm, processing and rendering requirements.For further information, please see Security Considerations (section 8).No provision is made for an explicit version number in this syntax.If a future version is needed, it will use a different namespace.For resources not under the control of this specification, we use the designated Uniform Resource Names [URN] or Uniform Resource Locators [URL] defined by its normative external specification.If an external specification has not allocated itself a Uniform Resource Identifier we allocate an identifier under our own namespace.This specification uses Uniform Resource Identifiers [URI] to identify resources, algorithms, and semantics.The URI in the namespace declaration above is also used as a prefix for URIs under the control of this specification.The formal syntax is found in Core Signature Syntax (section 4) and Additional Signature Syntax (section 5).In this section, an informal representation and examples are used to describe the structure of the XML signature syntax.

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