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Videos that are older, or have anything other than a 5 digit ID have a number and forward slash before the hash.

I've identified the number to be the last 2 numbers from the video's ID, but I haven't determined how it plays into the URL.

Then, take your previous URL from where you downloaded the m3u8 file from, and chop off everything past the .mp4/, and replace it with chunklist_w2045954123.m3u8So, the original url download the m3u8 file listed in the above url, open it in notepad, and you will get a list of all the actual video files in format, starting with 0.

In this case, media_w2045954123_0.ts#EXTINF:18.143,media_w2045954123_1.ts#EXTINF:10.427,media_w2045954123_2.ts#EXTINF:10.427,media_w2045954123_3.ts#EXTINF:5.714,media_w2045954123_4Are the associated video files.

That's a lot of data to download and I sure as hell ain't paying to do so. 8884Back in 2012 I had another method that worked with premium videos on those sites using rtmpexplorer. Just remember that practically all videos there, free and premium, came from beastforum or somewhere else, and it's often easy to find better copies that aren't transcoded to hell and back. Or are you offering the server space, etc, and want somebody to write the script?

I'm interested in discussing this, but I'd prefer not to use email as it is inconvenient for me to access on a regular basis privately and securely.

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So to download the first part of the video you would use the following url: of these files is like a 10-15 second section of the video, and they are viewable in VLC however I think you can join them together in ffmpeg to create a full's a super annoying process, and there may be a better way, but its the only way i know outside of just recording the screen.8857Lol, this is a little more convoluted than how I do it. In a terminal, prefix the command line with mpv, then paste in the URL, usually Shift-Middleclick or Ctrl-Shift-VEnjoy, yo.8883Sorry, I should clarify.

More so that there is a large amount of content on these type of sites, which so happens to be subscription only.

Here is how you rip videos from gaybeast/barnlove etc.

Here's the link: just my idea, maybe someone will do this better.

But feel free to give me feedback on what to fix/improve.

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