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In 2004, a tax lien was also processed against De Jong, a mother of three, in the amount of ,014, and was released in Sept. PHOTOS: Real Housewives Show Off Their Hot Bodies In Bikinis As Radar previously reported, Nassif and Maloof went through one of the nastiest divorces in Hollywood and are not on friendly terms with each other.Maloof, 52, wasted no time moving on from Nassif — first dating 33-year-old Sean Stewart, and currently dating Anheuser-Busch heir, Jacob Busch, 24.Give back this season by donating to children’s hospital, so they can have a happy holiday and Merry Christmas.” Maloof and her family have been dealing with a lot of stress lately, having to evacuate their home because of the wild fires spreading across California.Fortunately, Maloof and her kids have been able to return to their home, which was not harmed in the fires.As recent as 5 days ago, Maloof and her man were photographed at the Children’s Hospital in Los Angeles.In an Instagram post about the visit, Maloof wrote, “Spent the day giving back to @childrensla and what a beautiful day to put smiles on these children’s faces.I pray for all who have been affected by these fires and other disasters! Our local firefighters have risked their lives to save others. The two were married for ten years and had three kids together – Christian, Colin and Gavin.Sons beer has given and will be giving more to our firefighters and other local law enforcement. Though the two have divorced and gone their separate ways, they appear to maintain an amicable co-parenting relationship.

Their custody battle has devolved into a shouting match with accusations about guns, insults and physical abuse – with their three young children possibly subjected to horrible behavior by one or both parents. A.,” says certified family law specialist, Steve Mindel of Feinberg, Mindel, Brandt & Klein, LLP, who is not involved in the case.Apart from light-hearted and humorous squabbles over dinner menus, party guests and other trivial concerns, the couple seemed happy enough on .Then on July 30, Nassif filed for legal separation.Soon after, Maloof told PEOPLE she hoped to reconcile – but that was dashed when Nassif filed for divorce on Aug. Both sides claim they wanted to have mediation outside of court, but their differences have sent them to a judge, with Nassif filing for joint custody, and Maloof responding with a request for primary custody.They’re now fighting it out in his-and-hers court declarations full of angry allegations.PHOTOS: The Hottest Stars From Reality TV In exclusive documents obtained by Radar, De Jong, then in her 30s, filed the bankruptcy with the Santa Ana, Calif.courthouse and by May 22, 1996, it was discharged, wiping out all of her debt.Nassif, 51, has been dating Orange County native Chantell De Jong, 45, since they met last July — and he announced the happy relationship via Instagram two weeks ago: PHOTOS: Hollywood’s Dirtiest Divorces But Radar has learned his new lady’s finances don’t even touch Maloof’s.While Maloof comes from a wealthy family and has built her empire to the tune of a 0 million net worth, De Jong is much more conservative working as an account executive in insurance living in Newport Beach, Calif., who filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in 1996.The alleged outburst, he claims, happened when Maloof wasn’t allowed to invite her mother to an event in Las Vegas. “Continuing to expose the children to my and Adrienne’s dysfunctional and volatile relationship is causing harm to the children,” Nassif stated in court documents.A source close to Maloof acknowledges that she has used force, but tells PEOPLE, “Physically, all Adrienne has ever done is defend herself.” Maloof, meanwhile, alleges in her statement that her ex has a violent temper and has often “shoved” her to the ground, “pulled” her hair and “yelled” at her.

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