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There are a bunch of "telemedicine" apps available now that give you access to quality MDs. These platforms could come in handy in a pinch if you can’t reach your doctor and want to talk through a health question with a medical professional ASAP.

But generally speaking, I still recommend an in-person visit.

Even the always conservative American Medical Association agrees that it can be helpful, though it's not a total substitute for in-person care."We need more research, but there are plenty of circumstances where a video call with a doctor could work," says Robert M.

Wah, MD, president of the American Medical Association and a reproductive endocrinologist in Mc Lean, Va.

Certain health insurance companies are also hopping on-board to reimburse for online visits.

But because of the wide availability of smartphones it's only now that we're starting to see new services for everyday health complaints.

Because Gonorrhea often occurs at the same time as other sexually transmitted infections, you should be tested for HIV, Chlamydia, and syphilis as well. Video chat with a doctor to tell them about your symptoms and any recent exposure. The doctor can prescribe treatment or send you to drop off a urine sample at a local lab. Pick up your prescription at your pharmacy, or get your lab results online and talk to your Plush Care doctor about what they mean.

Is your sex life not going good and you don't get the erection you expect?

You can talk to the doctor now within the privacy and comfort of your own home and get your medicine delivered on the same day.

If you’re just hoping to refill an Rx you forgot about right before vacation, then it might make sense.

But if you’re having symptoms that may require a hands-on examination or a particular test (like if you have a cough that won’t go away), don’t settle for a video chat.

RELATED: 11 Signs It's More Than the Common Cold If you choose to try one of these apps, vet the app and the doctor through online research and user reviews.

Then really consider whether the health issue you’re dealing with is suited for e-communication only.

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