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For me, five years of long-distance relationship was emotional hell, and I often thought it wasn't worth it to continue trying to manage my social relationships and my romantic relationships in the same game at the same time.

Add over five years of marriage and living in close proximity to someone you game online with, and yes, it still drives me stir crazy from time to time, and he knows it.

Don't get me wrong: I'm perfectly happy in my marriage - my marriage isn't perfect but no one's is.

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As we spend time on the server, we become exposed to the business of dozens of people through guilds, pick up groups, forums, and gossip.

She figures they must hate her, because they're on his side and must like him more, so she quits the guild.

She finally finds another guild to join, but a lot of people are friends with Slater's guild mates, and she finds herself in groups with not only her former guild mates, but even her ex.

People maybe have cyber flings in MMOs, but no one really has real relationships, and certainly none that last!

" For those of you that are skeptical, I don't blame you.

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