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In this situation, the view can’t adjust to just the items that were added or removed; it has to rebind the entire list box.Not only is this inefficient, but it also scrolls back to the top of the list rather than preserving the user’s context.

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To make life easier WPF has the Observable Collection, which automatically implements INotify Collection Changed.Here in this case we need to call the Refresh method of Collection View Source. In my last post I explained the basics of databinding, but there’s still one issue which you’ll always have to fix when working with databinding, being the UI not updating properly.Microsoft provides two interfaces to deal with those: INotify Collection Changed and INotify Property Changed respectively.Add a Change and Add button on your form, and wire them up so they change/add an item in the collection of employees.There’s no need to subscribe to the event, the UI does this automatically.Immersive Tip: snap Visual Studio and your browser window next to each other and rewrite the code yourself on this page while carefully analyzing the Intelli Sense. When running it now, you’ll see your UI updating both when the collection gets modified and its children’s properties get modified.It expects to be notified when items are added, removed, or replaced within that instance of the collection.The binding is not to the property of the parent object, but to that specific instance of the collection itself.The Observable Collection is great when your app only needs to update UI when an item gets added/removed (e.g: static tweets in a Twitter app).We want our app to update even when we modify an item in our collection, so we’ll be implementing our i Notify Property Changed in our data model, the Employee class.

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