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Now a small villa time has notdestroyed its physical aspect & colonial spirit.

A few families maketheir living raising small herds of cattle, sheep & goats & fishing.

Captain Martínezmarried Inés de la Garza ( daughter of Captain Pedro de la Garza) andone of their nine children was Miguel Martínez, founder of Revilla,(Ciudad Guerrero, Tamaulipas). Quantity: Item #1079MIL FAMILIAS DE TAMAULIPAS, NUEVO LEON, COAHUILA Y TEXAS, TOMO IIIHISPANIC GENEALOGYAuthor: Rodolfo González de la Garza Price: .00Shipping: .00Contains 7,000 entries with 859 branches explored of more than ahundred surnames.

This parish functioned under thejurisdiction of the parish of Our Lady of Salinas located in Salinas Victoria, Nuevo Leon. Includes 88 pages on Alonso de Estrada with 115surnames, 1,900 descendants of King Ferdinand the Catholic.

The book is illustrated inblack and white photos, maps, etc. Presidencia Municipal 1993 1st Ed., SPTXT, 260 Pgs., PB. The author found that theseancestors belonged to the Mier Jurisdiction at the time Jose de Escandon established the border settlements.Containsapproximately 500 entries with a name index. Quantity: Item #1056MARIN, NUEVO LEON, MEXICO: EXTRACTOS BAUTISMALES DE LA PARROQUIA DESAN ANTONIO DE LOS MARTINEZ (1802-1814), VOL IHISPANIC GENEALOGYAuthor: Jose F.González et al Price: .00Shipping: .25Marin is the cradle for many Martínez family members, for the Haciendade Los Martínez de los Aiguales was established here by Captain JoséMartínez, Son of Ignacio Martínez and Isabel la Peña Price: .00Shipping: .00Contains 154 genealogical entries plus 158 on Flores Women. The sections describe the history of the Garza name, marriages in chronological order for the period listedwith known children, Garza women of Revilla/Ciudad Guerrero, and Los Garza of Ciudad Mier. 78genealogical entries, 61 on Guerra women, 241 entries on Guerras from Ciudad Mier,169 on Mier women. de la Peña Price: .00Shipping: .00Includes, The Peña Family-Revilla,(126 entries-119 on Peña Women)Family Photo History and The Peña Family-Ciudad Mier, (237 entries-125on Peña Women).These are chronological marriage extractions withknown children along with an introduction and the de la Peña familyhistory.Contains history, many photos,illustrations, and genealogies of the inhabitants.Over a ten yearperiod, The author, a veterinarian, compiled documents, visitedarchives, interviewed persons, traveled many highways and knocked ondoors to chart the cultural roots of this Pueblo.Fernando Sanchez de Zamora, and Chapter VII is Fuentes (Sources) of Information. Hidalgo, TX 2004 1st Ed., 173 Pgs., Spanish Text, 8 &1/2 x 11, PB.Quantity: Item #854HERENCIA MESTENA, Un Reecuentro con la historia del rancho San Rafaelde las Tortillas, Guerrero, Tamaulipas HISPANIC GENEALOGYAuthor: Mario Manuel Escoto Santoyo Price: .00Shipping: .25HEADLINER – '' WHAT' S NEW'' BOOKA very thorough and comprehensive narrative of this once thrivingcommunity near Guerrero, Tamaulipas.Monterrey, 1998Universidad Autonoma de Monterrey, 1st Ed., 5&1/2 x 81/4, Spanish Text, 302 Pgs., PB.Quantity: Item #2136JOSE DE ESCANDON, Colonizer of Nuevo Santander THE SPANISH COLONIAL PERIODAuthor: Hubert J, Miller Price: .00Shipping: .25One of the great figures of 18th century Mexico. Quantity: Item #24153KEEPERS OF THE WILDERNESSMEXICO & LATIN AMERICAAuthor: Arturo Longoria Price: .95Shipping: .75Recounts a journey to southern Tamaulipas, Mexico in late 1998, a taleof wilderness and people, and a search to discover the roots of ourbehaviors to the land.

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