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Although the idea of a role playing game set in a modern Japanese high school, sounded about as appealing as a Burstrick Wake Boarding marathon, I decided to forego my prejudice and attempt this foul beast.

Despite an insipid and long-winded beginning, the game digs its mighty talons in through its unique blend of quirky gameplay and indecipherable Japanese pop/rap, and like a Fuck Buttons song the game's story becomes more and more interesting as it goes along until finally it culminates in an amazing ending.

And by 'hack', I mean 'use other people's programs and a pre-modded battery to install custom firmware on'.

It's awesome, now I have a PSX emulator, a SNES emulator and a GBA emulator on my PSP, with a bunch of games. So I'm currently halfway through my NCEA level 3 and New Zealand scholarship exams.

I will take this opportunity to promise a diatribe fulmination upon any unwitting readers who project their animosity towards this stalwart shining beacon of majesty amongst rotting carrion.

As they have discovered that their primitive weapons will be no match to the cannons and gatling guns that protect the Government building, they are searching for a lost magic that will grant them the revolution they desire.

The hero will join one of these underground units in order to take down the Government, and will acquire identification to allow him to proceed to higher levels of Castle Town as the game goes on. 8.6 I first got into Role-Playing Games of the console variety (or RPGs to use a common term) back when I was a youngster, nary more than seven years old.

Technically, the game's visuals cannot stand up to modern day Killzone giants, but the artistry manages to shine through and distract you from the Playstation 2's lack of mechanical sleight.

Although the game has likely been superseded by its successor (the aptly named Persona 4), relating to that probability an opinion I cannot give.

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