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Otherwise a hearing will be held in the Probate Court to determine if the person should be ordered to receive treatment. BCMH Center is located at 403 Stoney Landing Road, Moncks Corner, SC, 843-761-8282.

Minors If a minor receives more than ,000.00, a Conservator must be appointed to manage their funds until they attain age 18 years.If it is not an emergency the application should be made at BCMH Center for mental illness or Kennedy Center for drug/alcohol addiction.The Court will issue an Order of Detention for the alleged mentally ill person or addicted person to be examined by a local emergency room or mental health physician if the person is deemed in imminent danger by BCMH.With Charleston, SC being one of the top wedding destination cities in the United States, it can be exceptionally difficult to find affordable wedding venues in the area that still hold on to that traditional Charleston charm.Here you’ll find a comprehensive list of ten affordable wedding venues in Charleston where you can still have your special day with heavy sprinkles of Southern flair without breaking the bank: White Point Gardens is a lovely location for the couple who is looking to have a small, intimate wedding without all the fustle and bustle.Encircled by oak trees swaying with Spanish moss and dating back to the 1,800s, this beautiful location sets the scene for a classic Southern affair.Tucked away on the outskirts of town in the forests of Berkeley County rests the hidden gem of Cypress Gardens a 170-acre lush landscape where the most romantic cinematic moment of all time was filmed: the rowboat scene from The Notebook.Pastor Sam Gourdine is a multi-gifted teacher and builder.With over 20 years in ministry and clothed with an apostolic anointing, he brings to front a rich anointing that is solid in foundation, yet fresh and current to reach today's generation, empowering them to explore the depths of God.Persons over 25 years only need to present a Social Security Card.Girls and boys over the age of 16 can apply with parental consent, birth certificate and social security card.

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