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Lucy turned to Stella, “You know what Liz said after I told her about … ’” Eyes widened and mouth open, Lu and Liz couldn’t believe what they had just heard. ’ I mean since Lu did the same thing and all.” She looked at Lu hopefully. It had been the City Library for as long as anybody could remember.

Think of it this way, it might be fun, girls,” Stella put in, “to meet like-minded women and talk about dd and spanking, and for us to learn how to handle naughty girls more effectively.” She winked. “Well, she WAS very strict if I recall correctly.” Lu looked at Stella. “But she was always fair and kind-hearted.” Lucy gave Liz a kiss on the head and said, “Don’t worry baby.

They had tried a few times with varying degrees of success.

The following weekend, the four girls met for lunch before the SSA meeting. “Tell them, baby,” Stella winked at her younger girlfriend, patting her thigh under the table. Lucy and Stella exchanged a look of uncertainty, but they tried to be reassuring for their girlfriends. “Meanie,” Cat stuck her tongue out at her older girlfriend. Stella and I will take good care of ya girls, okay? After lunch, the four women walked to the Colonial Revival architectural style building in the center of downtown.

Over tacos and enchiladas, they tried to relax and forget about their nervousness. ” She put her arm around her younger partner, grinning affectionately. “Something along the lines of ‘Does that mean I’m off the hook? Blushing, Cat said, “Well, after Stel told me about it, I asked her ‘Does that mean Liz is off the hook? Lucy snorted, “No, sorry to disappoint you girls, but Liz is definitely NOT off the hook.” She cast a stern but loving glace at her younger girlfriend. “It’s probably just lady spankos sitting around talking and stuff, you know just like AA meetings.” Lucy said trying to sound casual. Built in the late 19th Century, the grand Georgian structure was a reminder of the town’s colonial influences.

Someone pointed out that the fact the college girl had sought out the SSA and had taken the time to come to the meeting showed that she was taking the dd relationship seriously and wanted it to work.

Sensei added that essentially she WAS in charge of her own discipline because if she didn’t take it seriously, “it would be a waste of time for both you and your Top. Your Top is only there to help you.” The college girl nodded in agreement.

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