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Thinking aloud about your answers with your friends can be a lot of fun, and it can shed a lot of light on why your friends are the way they are.

, whether we're going "out on the town" or staying in for an at-home date. I loved the beginning, when we were simply friends learning each other's favorite color or favorite type of music.

Instead, all that slips out is a line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail: "What... " The other night that lead to a full conversation of our favorite Monty Python bits ("are you suggesting that coconuts migrate?

"); usually, however, it helps to actually write a couple questions down.

There's nothing like that quality time and intent in discovering the intricacies of the other person. But there is still so much we can learn about each other; so many ways we can still grow our intimacy through conversation. indulgence Beyond favorites, there's something about knowing if a person prefers a mac or a pc (for example) that can be so telling about personality and how they tick.

I don't know why this would ever matter, but sure, let's knock all the non-take-out-eaters out of the running. Eating processed garbage and chicken parts of uncertain provenance is what makes us human. I have pretty strong feelings about "your." But I'm also a feminist. I cannot account for what I do or do not manage to say at those moments. I bet she'd kill all the mosquitoes — er, "mosqutoes." I wouldn't.

If so, just skip past this list of 10 sexy questions: Fun Questions to Ask Friends About Money Money is a less sensitive issues than sex with some people, but others might find it even more personal.

Here are 10 lighthearted and fun questions about money you can ask a friend: Dilemmas Dilemmas are questions you have to think about.

But this Ok Cupid thing is for finding my forever-love, and forever is a long time to, uh, hold back. It's actually a funny story, involving some old friends and an ongoing joke we share — well, probably not that funny to anybody else. How many of these questions deal with bodily functions and toilets? I've always wanted to be a squirrel (they've got fabulous tails) or a penguin (for the belly-sliding).

When do we get to the ones about how deserving I am of a man with beautiful arms and at least mediocre listening skills? But in light of all the thought I just gave to the approaching global catastrophe, maybe I should pick an animal that lives in the water? Are those apocalyptic dreams I've been having lately trying to tell me something?

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