Leonardo dicaprio and lindsay lohan dating dating partner profiles america

Always wanted to thank you for that magical moment we shared at the Beatrice Inn. Leonardo Di Caprio collaboration about a detective who goes crazy visiting a creepy insane asylum, got pushed back from October to February by Paramount. "A very different economic climate." [ Cameron Diaz and Keanu Reeves are allegedly dating, Spencer Pratt wants to be the next Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson's gay lover speaks, Hayden Panettiere is dating the Pink Taco dude, Lindsay Lohan loses her phone and Penelope Cruz gets thicker.

That's what the Natalie Portman isn't as sweet as she looks?

It ended with us eavesdropping on Harvey—who introduced his kids with "these are my fucking children"— and getting banned. Although whatever it was, it couldn't have been all that serious considering the hospital released him about an hour later.

Alec Baldwin was rushed to Lenox Hill Hospital early this morning. [Rielle Hunter the same day he finally fessed up to being the father of Hunter's 2-year-old baby?

[DM] • There's a new party boy in town at Sundance, and his name is Bill Gates.

The 54-year-old nerd/philanthropist was spotted dancing on a banquette until 2am and confessed he was on the prowl for "that chick from • Lady Gaga collapsed in her dressing room last night just before she was set to perform at Purdue University.

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