Laura ingraham and keith olbermann dating

‘I think it will be dealt with (in) as aggressive a way as is possible given the requirements of the law.’ When asked, the Romney campaign would not say whether he had been briefed on the situation or was relying upon media reports for details. military officials have said they include five Army Green Berets.

At least 10 military personnel who were staying at the same hotel are also being investigated for misconduct. One of the officials said the group also includes two Navy Explosive Ordinance Disposal technicians, two Marine dog handlers and an Air Force airman.

She’s also seen with what looks like a pricey gold watch, freshly manicured nails and designer accessories like sunglasses and earrings.

In the first casualties claimed in wake of the incident, the Secret Service announced today three agents are leaving the service, even as separate U. In a statement, it said one supervisor was allowed to retire and another will be fired for cause.

A third employee, who was not a supervisor, has resigned.

The officials spoke on condition of anonymity because the investigation is still under way.

Secret Service’s Office of Professional Responsibility, which handles that agency’s internal affairs, is investigating, and the Homeland Security Department’s inspector general also has been notified. Southern Command, which organized the military team assigned to support the Secret Service’s mission in Cartagena, said Wednesday that an Air Force colonel is leading the military investigation and arrived in Colombia with a military lawyer Tuesday morning.

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