Kentucky age laws for dating

He began by leading his supporters in singing part of the Christmas carol O Come All Ye Faithful.

Johnson said he remembered the night of the New Year's Eve party, but he said 'there was nothing that really happened.' Johnson's wife of 30 years, Rebecca Johnson, said Richmond was sleeping in the same bed as the couple's daughter.

Dan Johnson, 57, best known for likening then-President Barack and Michelle Obama to monkeys, made the announcement at his church on Tuesday, a day after the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting published a graphic account quoting Maranda Richmond as saying that Johnson had sexually assaulted her in his basement on January 1, 2013.

Richmond was friends with Johnson's daughter, Sarah, and a member of the church where he was the pastor. This one seems to be sexual impropriety,' said Johnson, who is married.

Matt Bevin has not called for Johnson to step down.

They found no evidence of an assault, but later were called about a robbery in the same area.

The shooting occurred while officers were investigating the robbery.

She said she begged him to stop, but Johnson kept telling her she would like it.

Eventually, he left and she slipped away early that morning before he woke up. Records show investigators with the Louisville Metro Police Department recorded a phone call between Johnson and Richmond's father, Clifford, in which Johnson said he 'couldn't imagine doing that to Maranda.'Police documents obtained by the Kentucky Center for Investigative Reporting show a detective closed the case because Richmond would not cooperate.

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