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Not every sex offender is required to register in Wyoming, or they may have registered previously and are no longer required to register under the provisions of the Registration Act.If you believe that an offender has a duty to register but is not on the public website, please contact either your local law enforcement agency or the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry via phone or email.Frequency of verification is determined by the registration category as set out in Wyoming Statutes 7-19-302(g), (h), and (j).The sheriff’s office in the county where the offender is register will notify the offender of the frequency.You would need to contact the court of conviction or arresting agency for that information.The Wyoming Sex Offender Registry cannot release any more information than what is displayed on the public website as defined by 7-19-303(c)(iii).If sending email please send as much information as you can provide including name, date of birth or age, address where the offender may be located, what the crime was, and where and when the offender was convicted.

That information is currently available on the Wyoming Sex Offender Registry public website.

It is required that the address where the offender is physically employed be displayed on the public website. Wyoming does not base the duty to register on the requirements of the state of conviction, or of the duty to register in any other state.

You should contact your legal counsel to determine what your rights are in hiring offenders. Offenders who were adjudicated as juveniles of crimes listed in Wyoming Statute 7-19-302(j) are prohibited from being displayed on the public website. The duty to register in Wyoming is based solely on Wyoming laws, and the duty in this state may be different from any other state the offender was previously registered in.

There are provisions that must be met in order to qualify, and can be found in W. Please contact your local law enforcement agency, or the sheriff’s office where the offender is registered.

You can also submit tips on the webpage by searching for the offender, and clicking "Submit a Tip or Correction for this Offender." The information will go directly to the sheriff's department.

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