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SELECTIONS FROM THE LATIN POETS, CATULLUS, LUCRETIUS, TIBULLUS, PROPERTIUS, OVID, AND LUCAN.Sed quid ego ignaris nequicquam conquerar auris, externata malo, quae nullis sensibus auctae l6 5 nee missas audire queunt nee reddere voces?Si tibi non cordi fuerant connubia nostra, saeva quod horrebas prisci praecepta parentis, at tamen in vestras potuisti ducere sedes, 160 quae tibi iocundo famularer serva labore, Candida permulcens liquidis vestigia lymphis, purpureave tuum consternens veste cubile.Quaenam te genuit sola sub rupe leaena, quod mare conceptum spumantibus expuit undis, *55 quae Syrtis, quae Scylla rapax, quae vasta Carybdis, talia qui reddis pro dulci praemia vita?Our Word of the Year choice serves as a symbol of each year’s most meaningful events and lookup trends.

Totenberg bowed politely and shot me an enigmatic smile.I still remember his gentle and approving smile, when we finished running through Brahms’ D minor Sonata in his studio.Once, when I arrived at exactly 10 in the morning, his wife opened the door.Sorry to be late.” This was one of our first rehearsals and we were to begin with Szymanowski’s .Suddenly, as we played it together for the first time, the music seemed to unfold naturally, its gentle ebb and flow building up to passionate climaxes and dissolving into ethereal harmonics with perfect repose.Thinking of these moments now—just a few days after Mr.If he’s asked a question in Spanish he will respond in Spanish though, and if he’s asked in English, he’ll respond in either Spanish or Catalan.His voice was just as unforgettable: a sonorous and gravelly basso whose threatening gravitas was only a ruse.Totenberg, always a gentleman, could be very direct but never rude.“In this case, come in.” Some fifteen minutes later, I heard someone outside.Totenberg was gingerly navigating an icy walkway to his front steps.

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  1. I broke away from a long-term relationship a year ago, and I am currently living for myself in the Norwegian countryside, working on a couple of manuscripts, when I am not travelling, giving lectures...