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Then pick their meaning in multiple choice questions.And then to make sure we really understood them, we would have to write sentences and use the word correctly.For example, if you’re a finance major trying to get a job at PWC or Deloitte, then you will have to have a high work ethic, followed by an impressive resume with a strong educational background.

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While it can be a good conversation starter, it usually gets old fast. (where I was born), you have to decide your major (even though it isn’t called that over there) you want to pursue, right away. I changed it to finance because I started to think what my income would look like after I graduate, and I realized that a career in finance would pay more.A good way to transition is to introduce yourself to your neighbors; you’ll be seeing them a lot this coming year.When engaging in small talk, you will more than likely get asked, “What’s your major?That’s something that I like about the American education system.There is so much flexibility in changing your field of study.You realize that you are really good with people though, so you decide to apply for a human resources position at Company X.You receive an interview request from Company X and you decide to go for it.What matters is whether or not you have a drive to succeed, and at the end of the day, deliver results.Although this kind of hiring mentality may apply to most companies, there are still those firms who adopt a more “knowledge-centric” approach.Especially after interning for a Fortune 500 company this past summer, I learned that your degree is sometimes just an admission ticket through the door.Say for example that you graduate from college with a degree in economics. After a year, you can’t find a job where you can implement what you learned in studying economics.

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