Implementing validating environmental health monitoring system

Develop the communication and reporting process: You should decide whom you need to communicate with and report to during the monitoring and evaluation processes, and how to do this.Keep in mind that different stakeholders have different information needs and different reporting requirements.In order to set up a monitoring and evaluation system, health professionals should consider the following steps and answer the following questions: Define the purpose and scope of the monitoring and evaluation system: The purposes could include issues such as accountability to funding agencies, partners and beneficiaries; informing strategic directions, to make changes, if necessary; informing operational directions, to make changes, if necessary; and empowering key stakeholders.Each purpose has different consequences for the process (e.g., if the purpose is to empower the stakeholders, the process will be more participatory and learning-oriented).The evaluation results should be presented in an accessible format, so that they can be systematically distributed internally and externally for learning and follow-up actions and to ensure transparency.In light of lessons emerging from the evaluation, additional interested parties in the wider development community are identified and targeted to maximize the use of relevant findings.By 'scope' we mean the level of detail required, the level of stakeholder participation and the level of funding available (e.g., you might want to make the system highly participatory, but funding constraints limit the extent to which you can involve stakeholders). Assess the stakeholders’ key information needs: The most important question here is: What do management, other project staff, beneficiaries and other stakeholders need to know and when?

To address this concern, researchers might consider conducting comparative studies of some of these applications, particularly those that seem to be more promising based on their underlying theoretical grounding.

However, relatively little is known about the implications and recovered consequences of implementing outcome monitoring in clinical and social practices.

In this paper we draw on qualitative data emerging from focus groups with clinicians who piloted an outcome monitoring tool in Melbourne, Australia, sites conceptual tools drawn from science and technology studies.

The monitoring and evaluation system – meaning the clarification of what should be monitored and evaluated, by whom, how and when – should be set up during the planning phase of the project cycle or at the latest in the beginning of implementation.

A solid analysis of the problem and its context should be carried out as part of the strategy development and planning and can serve as a baseline for subsequent monitoring and evaluation.

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