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They tend to get along with catfolk, tengus, and members of other animal-like races (including lycanthropes), and are comfortable taking their animalistic forms in the company of these fellows.

However, many natural lycanthropes see skinwalkers as weaker, inferior versions of their own kind, and some lycanthropes even take to infecting or even hunting their distant kin.

Skinwalkers resemble humans much of the time, but they possess the uncanny ability to transform into bestial humanoids who combine the most fearsome aspects of flesh and fur.

Most people believe skinwalkers are half-breeds of lycanthropes, or that they share some slight version of the curse of those creatures.

The following feats are available to any skinwalker character who meets the prerequisites.

The base skinwalker is merely the most common of its kind but there are those who’ve inherited a larger share of their ancestors’ animalistic beings, and in whom can be seen the traits of very specific types of lycanthropes.

Adventurers: Often on the move, skinwalkers make for excellent adventurers.

Skinwalkers’ features vary greatly when they shapechange.Names: Skinwalkers born in human and humanoid societies share the naming conventions of the surrounding culture.Skinwalkers born in their own packs typically have names similar to their overarching ethnicities appended with flavorful, animal-inspired appellations such as Bearmaw, Wolftamer, Fangblood, or Owlmarked.Whether the scions of wereboars, the grandchildren of werecrocodiles, or the distant progeny of wererats, these individuals possess stronger ties to their ancestors than other skinwalkers.This book presents eight alternative heritages for skinwalkers, which can be selected during character creation.Society: Skinwalkers sometimes weave themselves into other societies, hoping their peculiar talents go unnoticed.They may also be nomads found in lands with wide-open spaces.For indeed, skinwalkers are those with a lycanthrope crouching somewhere in the branches of their family tree.These distant progeny of monstrous werewolves and other creatures of the night have special talents unlike those of most civilized peoples, and they arise randomly among remote humanoid populations as well as within their own secretive sects.Regardless, skinwalkers of non-human descent are typically raised in the same culture as their parent race, and thus usually have the same cultural understanding and education that anyone in their community possesses.So while a half-orc skinwalker raised in an orc tribe might not gain automatic proficiency with the orc double-axe, that doesn’t necessarily preclude him from honing his aggressive battle tactics and learning how to fight like an orc.

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