Howto stop messenger updating

When you hard-reset your i Phone and reboot it, the ghost app that is stuck at “Waiting…” should be gone from the homescreen/springboard. A soft-reset, on the other hand, is when you go to Settings → General → Reset and tap on Reset All Settings.This will not delete the data but it will delete the app stuck at “Waiting…”.

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By looking at two weeks of chat data, he managed to work out a student’s weekly schedule at Stanford (pictured), which means he could predict which building he would leave on campus at a certain time - information that could prove dangerous in the wrong hands While Mr Khanna uses Messenger 'religiously’ with location sharing turned off, he said many people he’s talked to are surprised and appalled that so much of their personal data is online for friends and even strangers to access.

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Make a list of any of applications (other than system applications) you’d like to stop from starting by themselves.

Once Startup Auditor is installed and opened, you will see a list of all the applications on your phone.

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