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Odds are that if you visited Hydra 10 or maybe even 20 years ago, not much has changed. Kind of like your 70- or 80-something-year-old relative who knows how to Face Time but will never stop believing that you can fall deathly ill from an aggressively breezy draft.

Hydra's transition into modernity is also full of beautifully sweet contradictions.

“Liberty provides amazing learning opportunities and spiritual development through these trips.

These students are gaining an awareness of God at work in the world while also experiencing a different culture in the context of learning more within the discipline.” Rising senior Carrie Logie said that prior to the trip her class was required to read a book that detailed the real-life account of a Greek sex trafficking victim.

’ question, can we really find anything like that in ancient Greek medicine?

The degree is available both residentially and online.

Students from Liberty University’s Department of Psychology and Department of Social Work left for Athens, Greece, on Saturday, July 10.

While there, the team of 31 students has been working to help sex trafficking victims. The students have been staying at Greek Bible College.

“The trip is designed to raise awareness and understanding of the psychological and spiritual ramifications of sex trafficking on individuals and society,” he said.

“Greece is known as both a transition country and a destination country due to legalized prostitution.” Students heard presentations from agencies working to help individuals being trafficked.

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