Google maps not updating

Don't panic too much though, Google's not going to let people see your location without your express permission first.As well as being able to set a pre-defined time, the app also lets you opt to share your location indefinitely.Google is about to allow its popular Maps app to share the location of users.As part of a new Google Maps feature update, which is thought to be launching soon, Google is adding a tool that allows users to share their real time location.

The feature is made possible via the GPS that's included in all modern smartphones - which can pinpoint a position to within a few metres.

However, used Google maps on Android (latest version of Maps on this device, checked on Google-Play), but the the blue triangle kept on moving on the static map image, and then it went off-screen.

It recentred and came back to screen, only once I hit "my location" again. Am I doing something wrong or using the app incorrectly ?

A new feature being added to the Google Maps app will allow drivers to save the location of parked car on their smartphone.

Using location services, the car is then represented by a blue marker inside the app, meaning you’ll always know where it is.

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