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Maggie and John have two children of their own, Annie, age 4, and Columbus, age 1.John’s older children, Charles F., Nettie, Thomas Emsey, and Monroe M. Read Lines, on the other hand, uses yield return to return one line at a time. Using Read All Lines, you'd have to read the entire file into memory, even if "foo" occurs on the first line. As long as you actually plan on reading the whole file anyway, this can yield some improvements. If you're just wanting to read lines in a file without doing much, according to these benchmarks, the fastest way to read a file is the age old method of: However, if you have to do a lot with each line, then this article concludes that the best way is the following (and it's faster to pre-allocate a string[] if you know how many lines you're going to read) : All Lines = new string[MAX]; //only allocate memory here using (Stream Reader sr = File. Close the file //Now parallel process each line in the file Parallel. Length, x = Read All Lines loads all of the lines into memory and returns a string[]. If the file is larger than will fit in memory, you'll run out of memory. Say you wanted to find the first line that contains the word "foo", and then exit. If you have enough memory, I've found some performance gains by reading the entire file into a memory stream, and then opening a stream reader on that to read the lines.John’s youngest child, Ruby, is born in Greenville, South Carolina in 1909.Although John is a shoemaker with his own shop in 1910 (as his grandfather, James Mize, had been a shoemaker before him); he is found in the Greenville City Directory in 1912 working for Poe Mills as a machinist and married to Maggie.

While the 1910 census finds John back in Greenville, working as a shoemaker with his own shop, a 1909 mention in the Gaffney Ledger has him visiting his mother and brother in Cherokee County from his home in Selma, Alabama, and one of his two younger children with Maggie was born in Alabama in 1906, so he must have been living in Alabama at least part of the time between 19.

It was the first time one of the guests had been able to sniff freedom in the history of this detention center, which opened in August of 1998. After he dropped down from the wall--an estimated height of about two stories--he tried to run but was quickly taken into custody at gunpoint by an officer who just happened to be back there switching out his patrol car. Authorities believe at the time of his arrest he was on PCP. These are “observation cells.” Jail personnel went to give Wilson some water or food and the action began. This is on the back side of the administration building, by the way, viewable from Second Street. It isn’t the standard window you and I have in our homes or businesses. “We’ll be looking into reinforcements in that window in the very near future,” the major says. Authorities aren’t sure “whether it struck him or if it was effective. He somehow manages to scale the roughly two-story high wall.

The answer is interesting--almost fascinating--on a variety of levels. Using his head, he is able to break the frame of the window free and push the window the opening into the parking lot of the facility. I don’t want people to think this glass broke into pieces,” Holland emphasized. ****** While Wilson is attempting to get through the window, he may or may not have been hit by a taser fired by the jailhouse officer.

This cemetery is unmaintained although it has now been fenced and is owned privately.

In a cemetery overgrown with nettles and periwinkle, and strewn with broken glass and other trash, where many graves can be recognized only by rectangular depressions in the ground, John’s is marked with a polished marker, engraved both front and back.

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